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    Thank Ottilie - that really makes a lot of sense :-)

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    Well if you're looking at meaning, Elodie means "Marsh Flower" the saint thing is history, and I don't think history really matters unless it was recent or offensive/inappropriate like Hitler or Satan.

    For me it doesn't matter too much unless like I said, it's offensive/inappropriate. As long as the name has a pretty sound then I like it.

    However, when it comes to Chinese names, which I have been toying with idea of for possible middles, meaning is what matters. This is because they don't have an alphabet of sounds, each character is a word. So you can't just put two random characters to create a name, you have to work to make a "meaning" or word. So I focus a lot on meaning there.
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    thatkathryngirl - yes personal significance is important. And thanks for the updates on the names!!

    Elodie as a marsh flower is rather lovely :-)
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    Well, all the saints were killed or/and tortured. That's the way they become saints so if you don't like this, you'll have to cross off all Saint names. But, actually, I don't think something horrific may happen to a person just because it happened to the patron of the name.
    Think Jesus: he was crucified and died but there are a lot of people named Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua and I suppose none(or almost none) were also killed that way.
    And about just bad meanings...Honestly, I can't make myself love Cecilia or Claudia because of their meanings. But as for other names, that's not an issue for me. Each name firstly means a person who bears the name and the person's characteristics and only then meaning.
    According to nameberry, my daughter's name means "horned". Obviously you can tell that's not a meaning every girl wants her name to have - but I did a small research and found other hipotyses that say it means "heart;beloved" for real. I prefer to trust the second meaning so nothing really matters in that case.
    Try to concentrate on your own reasons why to use the name; the beloved sound and other issues. Good luck.

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    Thank you!

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