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    I immediately thought of the play when I read the thread title, as I'm a huge Shakespeare geek. Benedict, as you can see in my signature, is one of my favorite names, but I've never been a fan of Beatrice/Beatrix. Plus, I think using them together might but you in a box if you what to have more children. You might feel like you have to have another child with a Shakespeare name, or one that starts with B. I don't have a problem with either these themes I just think that you should keep your options open.
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    Um...yeah, I wouldn't. It's essentially like naming your children Romeo and Juliet. Maybe fewer people would make the association, but those who did would be creeped out.

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    I don't think it's the same as naming them R&J. Much Ado is a less famous play and B&B are both fairly common classics (unlike Romeo which is very unusual and feels modern), so I think it's fine- especially if they go by NNs. And if they get collectively called Benedict and Beatrice rather than the other way round, I think that plays down the Shakesperian connection even more. But yes, like others have said, it'd look like you're signing yourself up for a string of Shakespeare/B names.

    Also, I studied Much Ado at school (several years ago now though) and I swear he was called Benedick not Benedict? I know it's not much different, but that could sway your decision maybe?
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    C&P; it's Benedick.

    I don't think it's creepy as it's not a play or story with lots of sexual undertones. It's just romantic and fun, they're not an abusive psycho sexual couple. Besides both are fairly well used names, very different from R&J. I think a lot of Shakespeare's couples sound good like siblings; Perdita & Florizel, Rosalind & Orlando, Celia & Oliver, Silvia & Valentine, Olivia & Sebastian, Viola & Orsino, Isabella & Vincent
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    I missed the Shakespeare connection. Rather, I thought you were worried about using two names with the same meaning.
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