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    Well, between here, and Baby Name Genie, (he picked a site, and I picked a site), A's (which were me) have won!

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    east of the sun, west of the moon
    Lσreℓei Oη∂iηe ● Octαviα єoωƴη Sσℓ ● etrα Leσcα∂iα Siℓver ● Suηηivα ωiℓℓoω ● Ƭɦisbe ωiℓ∂rσse
    Annika Bianca Evadne Felicity Pandora Thora | Cordelia Eilonwy Faraday Illyria Isabeau Serafina Snow Winifred
    ●●● ●●● ●●●
    Dαmiαη Sραrrσω ● єvαηder Sσℓ ● Gwƴdiση Hαrt ● Mαℓαchi Ƭristαη Bjσrη ● hiηeαs Rσbiη Bℓαise
    Caspian Everett Konrad Oren Theodore | Ithuriel Ivanhoe Kyle Llyr Peregrine Ranier Rune Wilder Wolf

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    our kitties: Sebastian & Oleander | writing books & TTC #1

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    Yorkshire, UK
    a) Jessica Louise Maynard

    a) Poppy Elizabeth Maynard

    b) Charlotte Grace Maynard

    a) Scarlett Jasmine Maynard

    a) Lola Isabelle Maynard

    a) Sienna Florence Maynard

    b) Bethany Hannah Maynard

    a) Keira Emily Maynard

    a) Kayla Danielle Maynard

    a) Darcy Eleanor Maynard

    a) India Catherine Maynard

    a) Eden Victoria Maynard

    a) Danielle Beatrice Maynard

    b) Nicola Violet Maynard

    b) Morgan Vanessa Maynard

    b) Stella Faith Maynard

    b) Serena Victoria Maynard

    b) Jenna Louise Maynard

    b) Skylar Ruby Maynard

    b) Brooklyn Harper Maynard - though this sounds like a list of the Beckham's children, but I really don't like Alexis.

    b) Harper Autumn Maynard - It spells HAM. But at least it doesn't rhyme!

    b) Jordyn Lydia Maynard

    a) Delaney Anne Maynard

    b) Celeste Adriana Maynard - I don't really like it but the other option smushed completely together with all the e's and s'.

    b) Danica Evelyn Maynard

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    I answered pretty much half and half!
    Audrey - Beatrice - Clara - Daphne - Jane - Margaret - Susannah - Violet

    August - Barnaby - Edward - Frederick - Henry - Rupert - Theodore - Walter

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