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    No matter how different the name, the person with it seems to own it or become it. When I first heard of a little girl named River, I thought it was a little weird. Now that I know her better she is the cutest thing and it is very fitting for her and her family.
    So I believe if it's a family name, it will be fitting all the more!

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    I know a woman who goes by Marty, she was a very successful businesswoman.

    Since you're from the South (where I believe its traditional to use family surnames as first names?) and it is a family name, I think its perfectly useable. I like Molly as a nn.

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    In general, I'm not a fan of masculine names for girls or surnames as first names for anyone, but Montgomery Ann seems okay to me. You have a really good reason! Maggie is a cute nickname, but Mery would work really well, too. Monty is the traditional boy nickname for it.

    I think Ollie is even sort of cute for a girl. It could be short for Olive (or something else, I just can't think of anything off the top of my head), not necessarily Olivia. Or what about a hyphenated first name? Ollie-Ann, Ollie-Paige, Ollie-Margaret if you still wanted to call her Maggie.

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    Would you have wanted that name when you were going through grade school? I know I wouldn't

    Anna Montgomery is far better. And there are a ton of Ol- names other than Olivia to honor an Ollie, like Oliana

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    If you really love Montgomery, it could work as a girl's name. The nickname Maggie makes it a lot more usable for a girl. However, I don't think it's a great choice. The majority of people she meets won't know the story behind the name. Personally, I'd use Montgomery as a middle name or consider a variation on Ollie as a first name (for example Olive or Olivia nn Ollie).
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