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    Same as PPs, I don't like it for either gender. It is unimaginitive. What ever happened to originality? Luckily, this 'yep my son is going to be John James Smith XVII' trend hasn't caught on in the UK! I don't think I know anyone who shares their first Christian name with a parent, let alone both given names. But a family friend just recently let his name be used- as a middle for his 5th child and 4th son. It wasn't that he didn't like his name, he just wanted his name to be his. Definitely not common around here.

    Honouring is fine, but I'd advise using just one name from a parent. I wouldn't mind giving a future daughter my middle name as her middle name though, but I probably won't. There are too many other fantastic names out there!
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    I don't like the idea of giving your child your entire same name. They're a different person from you and should have their own identity. I feel it's okay to pass down a family name, though (like giving your first as their middle, for example). I don't know why, but I feel more comfortable with the idea of giving my son the same first name as my husband (with a different middle he would go by) than giving a daughter the same first name as me. I'm not sure why.
    That being said, we do give our children family names for middle names, just not OUR names.

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    It's fairly common here — in fact it's somewhat fashionable to have the 2 children of opposite genders, the son named after the father and the daughter after the mother. I'm named after my mother, although we both get called different things (she's "Mary-Katherine" and I'm "Mary-Plum": we go by "Katie" and "Plum"). I always liked that we had the connection, while mantaining our individuality.

    I think the tradition is somewhat lost because feminine names tend to be more volatile and subject to trends; if you look at the Top 10 names from the 1970's and 1980's, most of the girl's names seem utterly dated. Moreover, it seems to be important for girls to have fashionable and unique names. And then there's the prevalent cultural expectations placed on women to be selfless/modest and (especially in Anglo-Saxonic culture) for her name to be "dynastically" worthless.
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    I wouldn't name my daughter after me, but only because there are other names that I like more hahaha.
    I don't think I'd like being named after my mother. Her name fits her and my name fits me. And I suppose that's just because we've been wearing them our whole lives. But her name is from her generation. And my name is from mine. Does that make sense?

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    My dh is always suggesting that we name a daughter after me. And while I love my name, I have no desire to name a child after myself. I'd use it in the middle though.
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