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    ottielie, I have never heard of that. DH is a coffee connoisseur but has never stumbled on it. I'm going to look into it, though we live in a po-dunk area of the US, so I kinda doubt it's at the grocery store.
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    I buy it at this Italian shop in London, and I stock up whenever I'm in Italy. We don't get it in regular shops here.
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    I love my coffee. Like you, I didn't drink any in the first trimester (although I definitely drank my share of espresso before I knew I was pregnant). Now I'll have 1, occasionally 2 cups a day. I also keep a good quality decaf on hand too for when I know I'm craving the taste/smell of coffee more than the actual caffeine.

    Lucky for me the coffee shop down the street also makes a lovely decaf cinnamon latte.
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    I can never drink caffeine for other medical reasons, but I've noticed since I've been pregnant every time I opt for decaf or something my friends make a comment about how you can't drink caffeine in seems to be a pretty popular myth. If I COULD drink caffeine, I'd feel safe drinking a cup of coffee or two each day, but I'd avoid more than one or two cups and avoid things such as energy drinks, espresso, etc.
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    I've always been a coffee drinker (3-4 cups per day), but stopped in January this year. Mostly because we're trying to conceive a baby, but also for health reasons. I switched to dandelion tea, which I really love now! It's caffeine free, but tastes similar to coffee. However, in terms of caffeine causing damage to an unborn baby, I think it's pretty unlikely. If you love coffee, as people have said above, you don't need to quit entirely, just limit your consumption to a few cups per day.
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