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    What do you think...

    when you hear the name Kendra? Too dated? Too early 90's?

    I got a name crush on this one reading Harry Potter. Kendra Dumbledore was a minor character, but I started really loving the name. Do you think it works with a brother named Toby?
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    I like the name Kendra. Ive only met one Kendra and the name suited her. I think it's trendy, but still uncommon enough to be unique.

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    I like it!
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    I immediately think of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson (i think that's her ln). Also of two Kendra's that I know...both are blonde and both have very bubbly "dark" and one just a social butterfly. Overall, I like the name but don't love it..not really my style

    I think Kendra and Toby would make cute siblings

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