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    Sibling to Oliver and Dexter


    Wondering if I could get some advice? Number 3 is coming in 3 weeks and, though we have a list, we're not super excited about any of them. It will be a sibling for Oliver Skye (the Isle of Skye has some special meaning for us) and Dexter Jack (Jack is my late grandfather).

    To complicate things a bit more we live in Quebec and the name should be fairly easy to pronounce in French - or at least the nickname.

    We kind of agree on Kai, Rhys (not French-friendly!) and Molly, Charly or Blake for a girl. Which reminds me, we call Oliver "Oli" - Oli and Molly is a bit crazy right?


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    This area doesn't get a lot of traffic, so you may want to repost elsewhere.

    I like Blake for a boy with Oliver and Dexter. Also Abram, but I don't know how French Friendly that is. Kai is also cute, it just doesn't seem to fit in with them to me.

    I think Molly would be too much Olly with a brother Oli, maybe Lucy? I like Charly, but really only as a nickname for Charlotte, which I think works pretty well with Oliver and Dexter. I'd also really like to suggest Blythe.

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    Ohhhh - love the name Blythe! Good one! And you're right - Charlotte with Oliver and Dexter is a great mix. Thanks for the help!

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