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    It's a boy--and we're going with our favorite name~ Job! Thanks for the feedback!


    Just wanted to say, thank you for all the input over the past month! We found out today we're having a boy, and we are (99.9%) sure we're going with the name Job Marcellus.

    The middle name is to honor a loved one (Marcel) who passed away years ago

    I posted this long question on a forum a couple weeks ago about "what is in a name?" and got lots of opinions either way about the name Job. Although the actual meaning of the name ("persecuted" or "afflicted") at first put me off, I realized that many popular names today mean all kinds of weird things and not many actually care. We feel the name has a misplaced meaning, anyways.... that it should be "patient", "faithful," and/or "perseverance in the face of trials." Anyways! Despite some caution on the part of many about the association-meaning, the truth is that many people don't like simple names (Bob, Sarah, etc) if they've had a bad experience with a person (association).

    So all that to say--we've decided to plunge ahead--and I am grateful for all the feedback we got about the name.... both good and bad. It all actually kind of worked together to make me feel stronger about it, which is probably a good part of the process, too.

    I was shocked today to find out we had a boy, after all (I really was thinking we'd have our 2nd girl)--so it's with excitement and joy that we get to use the name Job.

    Thanks, all. And good luck on finding your perfect names!
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    Congratulations! Job Marcellus is so handsome! I am so glad NB was able to help you in your naming journey.
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    Thank you! It was great for me. My husband never seemed to have the same qualms I did about the name Job, but it definitely helped me to be able to think through the name with the thoughtful responses I got.

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    Congratulations! Job Marcellus is a very interesting choice. I like it.
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    Oh, thank you for checking in again! Do come back and post in the Birth Announcement section when little Job arrives so his handsome name will make the Nameberry Quarterly Report over in the blog section.

    Incidentally, I recently heard of a friend-of-friend with a little guy, only 1 maybe 2 years old, called Joby. I think his birth certificate name is Job. So I think there may be other parents out there sharing your opinion on Job's good name.

    Congratulations on your boy and name choice!

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