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    Help! 6 days left!

    hey berries! less than a week left till baby girl arrives! I have finally narrowed down FN's but would love to go in with some good MN pairings as well! Older brother is Oliver Rex. Would love a middle that is vintage/literary/spunky/cool/relating to nature (doesnt need to fit all these but just something to start with). Basically something not too frilly and not a filler! Your favorite with Oliver Rex and some middle name pairings will be lovely!

    First name choices are:

    Penelope (love Opal and Orchid but initials will be POO..not cute!)

    Maggie Rae

    Penelope Layla June 2013- Oliver Rex December 2010-

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    Penelope Violet
    Penelope Esme

    Arabella Violet

    Sorry that's all I have today, my brain isn't working anymore
    Girls: Matilda ~ Cordelia ~ Elena ~ Violet ~ Emilia ~ Catherine ~ Charlotte ~ Aurelia ~ Elaine ~ Lila

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    MN ideas:
    Josie:spunky, vintage, literary: Little Women
    Pearl: nature, vintage
    Lark: nature, spunky, literary: Cosette from Les Mis is called "the Lark"
    Violet: nature, spunky
    Fern: nature, spunky, literary: Charlotte's Web
    Juliet: spunky, literary: Shakespeare

    Penelope Juliet
    Penelope Lark
    Penelope Fern
    Audrey Pearl
    Daphne Lark
    Daphne Pearl
    Arabella Josie
    Daphne Violet
    Audrey Violet
    Penelope Violet
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
    Catherine Lark ~ William Ignatius
    Margaret Fiona "Maisy" ~ Calvin Gabriel
    Edith Primrose ~ Thomas Percival
    Jane ??? ~ Owen Benedict
    Eleanor Valentine ~ Timothy Lewis
    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    I love the suggestions of June and Juniper!!! I think Penelope June is soo pretty. Arabella June as well.
    I also feel like the MN June fits the "vintage/literary/spunky/cool/relating to nature" requirement. Lol
    My favorites are Penelope June and Arabella June, but flows nicely with all of the FNs!!
    Esme June
    Audrey June
    Daphne June

    Good luck and congrats!!!
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