View Poll Results: Of these four, which is your favorite?

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  • Anna Caroline

    22 23.91%
  • Grace Caroline

    26 28.26%
  • Charlotte Jane

    25 27.17%
  • Caroline Joy

    19 20.65%
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    Well, Grace is in one of my older children's name... It is her second middle name. But she is thrilled with the idea of us using it
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    They are all lovely but I just adore Caroline Joy.
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    I'm sticking with Anna Caroline as my favorite for you...I think you have such a blend of girls names (classics like Sarah, more elaborate Serena, double barrels with both classics and more modern picks like Kelsey...) that Anna fits right in.

    Runner up (my name!) Caroline Joy. Yes, you will correct some people, but I don't think it's a deal breaker. I only ever had one person (my 5th grade teacher) who continued to say -lyn after one correction.

    Grandmother's aversion to Charlotte...unless Charlotte Jane is leaps and bounds ahead of the others (which it doesn't seem to be at all) I might take that into account. I'm sure she would get over it when she sees your beautiful baby girl, but personally I think I'd want to save her that.
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    It sounds like you have your favorite already! You have a name you can't find any flaws with and it's your husband's favorite too... I won't vote for my favorite, i will vote for your favorite!

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    you have ELEVEN kids?

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