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    Middle names for Saoirse

    Pronunciation Seer-sha.

    Saoirse Charlotte and Saoirse Adeline are my two favourites at the moment.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Another Saoirse fan here!

    I like either one, but I prefer Adeline. Beautiful names, and so happy to see another fan of this beautiful Celtic name as a first name.


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    I like them both. Saoirse is a lovely name, and I have yet to meet a little one by this name.
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    Saoirse Charlotte, definitely. I love how the names go together.
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    Saoirse Charlotte? Really? Cause when I say that out loud it just sounds like a mess of shashasha. I like it on paper better. Maybe it's just me though. Anyway, I saw the combo Saoirse Lily somewhere on nb once and adored it instantly. I love Saoirse but cringe when I think of all the inevitable mispronunciations.

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