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    Haven't been on here since my fever started 2 weeks ago and things are not going well. After my temp came down I got very constipated and when I did go I started spotting now I've got a burning UTI like pain (but no UTI) I am not super hopefull about this pregnancy, but then again it aint over till its over... I've told 3 of my best friends I'm pregnant and I'm happy I did, they've been very supportive, so I can def. recommend telling the people close to you early.
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    @Khaatje- I haven't been on here in a while either. I've had terrible nausea and I refuse to take anything because last time it made me unbearably constipated. So, I'm trying to wait it out for now. But it totally sucks. I was distressed to read your post. Fever?? Now spotting? You poor thing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. My sister always had light spotting on and off during both of her pregnancies, and my SIL had a 'sensitive' something (maybe, uterus, or cervix??) that caused her to spot as well. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon and your first appointment is coming soon, so hopefully good news will follow shortly. I'm glad you have a support system in place, either way. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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    Hi Frances, thanks for your encouragement, I just saw your signature, our EDDs are only one day apart A sensitive cervix could have caused the spotting, 50% of the time spotting doesn't mean anything, but the other 50% does have me worried. I'm sorry to hear nausea is getting to you, but it's a good sign! Hoping you'll have more good news Thursday! I propably will not have my first appointment until the 12th because my case was moved from the m/w to the hospital, two more weeks....
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    I'm going to the hospital tomorrow to see if I can get an early scan. I should be 8+1 by LMP or 7+0 by when I think I ovulated. Either way there should be something to see.... Pretty nervous because I haven't had many symptoms, but of course hoping hoping hoping hoping everything is perfect! Also: why must the first trimester go SO slowly?!

    Khaatje, sorry to hear about your spotting. If you are constipated it could just be a small tear when you go rather than coming from your cervix? I'm constipated too, I blame the iron in my prenatals. I know pregnancy slows down digestion anyway, but I don't think the extra iron is helping things. It sucks.

    Frances, sorry to hear about the nausea. I can't wait until we're all sailing along through our second trimesters!
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    Good luck tomorrow milasmama, I hope you will see a happy healthy baby in there! I can't wait for the first trimester to be over too, I can live with the nausea but not with the anxiety (I'm pretty sure the spotting came from the cervix area, but stopped Thursdaymorning fortunately)
    Living a happy life with my #1 husband and my #1 cat, baby #1 due March 2014

    #1 Girls name: Aïcha
    #1 Boys name: Ibrahim

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