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    Babies Due January-March 2014

    So, I thought it'd be a good idea for expectant mothers if there were specific threads for them to discuss their pregnancies. There's already a October-December thread, so I thought a January-March thread would be good for those with recent BFPs.

    Soon-to-be mothers and their due dates (yay, how exciting!)...

    montrose - It's a boy! Reid Christopher was born on December 9!
    grecianern - It's boys! Keegan Nathaniel and Sebastian Miller were born on December 14!
    megmarie - It's a boy! Asher Montgomery was born on December 20!
    hootowl - It's a girl! Camille Eleanor Rose was born on December 25!
    katieydenberg - It's a girl! Indira Coral was born on January 3!
    yellow - It's a girl! Born on January 14!
    babtr1ll - It's boys! Arthur Florian Edward and Frederick Robin Jude were born on January 16!
    sunshinetina - It's a boy! Arthur Philip was born on January 26!
    kwicklychaotic - It's a boy! Neal Callum was born on February 3!
    shieldsc - Angel baby Theodore James was born sleeping on February 3.
    tintri - It's a boy! Raphael David was born on February 7!
    thunderbolt - It's a girl! Hazel Pomeline was born on February 11!
    capturedcastle - It's a boy! Calvin Job was born on February 14!
    theresazoe - It's a boy! Peter Leon Gerard was born on February 14!
    eperdument - It's a girl! Ombeline was born on February 17!
    tk - It's a boy! Martin Jake was born on February 18!
    lcmpdx - It's a boy! Jack William was born on February 19!
    ktook76 - It's a boy! Frederick Simon was born on February 20!
    vitamom - It's a boy! Caspar John was born on February 26!
    frances - It's a boy! Kurt Matthew was born on February 27!
    carrotcoriander - It's a boy! Fergus John Morrison was born on March 2!
    milasmama - It's a boy! Cato Bennett was born on March 2!
    babylove - It's a boy! Jameson Michael Ka'ehukai was born on March 3!
    kenzing - It's a boy! Kellen James was born on March 4!
    saracita - It's a girl! Dulcinea Tesla was born on March 5!
    bexmarie - It's a girl! Astrid Harley Scarlett was born on March 7!
    khaatje - It's a girl! Aicha was born on March 26!
    beatrixdaisy - It's a girl! Emilia Skye was born on April 1!
    tuitree - It's a girl! Zari Pania-Rose was born on April 5!

    The following births are yet to be announced...

    memitao - January 1 - It's a girl!
    ducky - January 11
    heartsnstars - January 11 - It's a girl!
    tct1219 - January 13
    virginialark - January 21
    rookachoo - January 28 - It's a boy!
    mrae - February 1
    corajsb - February 3 - It's a boy!
    meganleda - February 3
    milenaviolet - February 5 - It's a boy!
    babebb - February 14
    mummyh - February 14
    bonniepetro - February 16
    emilylikewhoa - February 20
    mouseynz - February 20
    schedz - March 6
    bostonsavvy - March 10
    erikolynn - March 14
    lamarks - March 14
    la_lw - March 16
    tiggerian - March 17 - It's a girl!
    rosalynlove - March 29
    veequiles - March 31

    Unknown due dates...

    kailua - It's a boy!

    Sorry if I've missed anyone! Please let me know!
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    Thanks! I was about to start a thread like this since the January thread would only include a few of us. I guess the March mamas aren't actually pregnant quite yet or have just conceived but I'm sending my good wishes to you ttc ladies! I'm not actually sure if I'm due in January or February so I'm eagerly awaiting my Dr. appointment in a week.

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    Hi all! We just go the good news yesterday. Due date looks to be Feb 19th. Thanks for starting the thread! I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Congrats, guys! As I said earlier, I hope I can join you soon! The women due late February and in March wouldn't be pregnant/know they're pregnant yet, so there's still hope for some on the TTC thread!
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    Thanks for doing this - I was feeling a little left out! I am due Jan. 11 though I measured a little behind so I do wonder if they'll change that at my appointment next week. Had some trouble with a low heart beat at a very early ultrasound which was much better the next week, but am feeling nervous and can't wait to have my appointment next week for reassurance!

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