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    I'm getting a Portuguese Water Dog Pup!

    Oh my gosh, I am officially going to become the owner of a beautiful little portuguese water dog puppy, a little girl. I'm so excited! And nervous...I've been begging my parents for a dog of my own for like two years now, and now that its happening I'm a little overwhelmed. (I know, I know, I sound like i'm getting a kid or something...) Anyway, but the breeder said she would start calling the puppy by the name I choose as soon as I choose one. The puppy is all black, so I thought that could contribute to the name for some of them. I also plan to train my dog for agility. From what I have heard about her, she is very energetic! Here's what I have so far:

    Jetta/Jette (means black) - Jetta is also one of my fave names, though bordering on GP
    Kirrily -
    Maisie - I just think this would be great on a dog
    Phoenix - always loved this name, but lately doubted its usability for humans
    Ruby -
    Sage -
    Scout - also GP girls names
    Sayler/Sailor/Saylor - one of my GP girls names
    Stormy (dark storm clouds)

    I am open to suggestions. Other names that mean black or dark, or just other cool names.

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    Jetta is awesome!

    How about?
    Layla - Means dark haired beauty, I believe
    Delaney - means black challenger
    Davina - means little black one
    Raven/Ravenna - obviously means Raven which is a black bird

    I'm also looking for a name for a puppy I'm getting, she is a Mini Australian Shepherd.

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    Cinder is great! Good luck with your dog!
    ~ Larissa

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    Phineas Jack

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