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    davisellu: Thanks

    So far as Japanese middle names go, there are some I like, but I haven't gone over all my favorites with my OH. The ones that are approved so far include Nanami (for Sansa's MN), Kana, Hanako, Mizuki, & Izumi.

    Some ones I like myself are: Akira, Asuna/Asuka, Ayano, Fuuro, Haruka, Hinata, Isaye, Manatsu, Miharu, Rin, and Yuuna.
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    I like Agnes Eulalie and Agnes Ruby. According to nameberry, Senga is the Scottish form of Agnes. Maybe that would fit better stylistically with Sansa? Or maybe it's too matchy-matchy?
    Also, I actually think it's okay I'd they don't "go together" as long as all of your children's names don't "match." For example, if someone had children named Elizabeth, James, and McKynlee, that wouldn't seem right. But if they're all completely unique and different from one another, I think it can be okay.

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    For me, Senga would be a little too matchy even though it's cute. For example, a name I've been liking lately is Sunniva but I don't think I could use it because Sansa also starts with S, ends in A, and has an N in the middle.

    I think that's how my thoughts are turning, too, that it can be okay if they sort of each make their own statement. That might be nice, in a way!
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    These are my favorites:

    Adelaide Hanako
    Adelaide Juniper
    Adelaide Margo
    Adelaide Mizuki
    Adelaide Winnie

    Adelaide is more contemporary than Agnes, but it still feels a little buttoned up. I would choose one of the more whimsical middle names.

    Agnes Cecily - Cecily isn't really upbeat and modern, but I love this combo
    Agnes Eve
    Agnes Indira
    Agnes Juniper
    Agnes Mizuki

    For Agnes, I would choose something more upbeat and modern to balance Agnes' dustier feel.
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    I like Adelaide Mizuki, Agnes Marina and Agnes Mizuki.

    As for other Japanese middles (if big sister is going to have a gorgeous Japanese middle, then the little one should too), I think Michiko is the loveliest, I've always absolutely adored it and Agnes Michiko would sound great. Yuriko, Yuki and Miyu are also adorable names.
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