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    I prefer Lena or claire for a 1st name .... or a combo of Lena Claire

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Och, I love Lena Cecily! Too bad he doesn't love it. It's really charming and sweet, and so unexpected.

    From the ones you both like, I like Claire Giselle the best.
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    Thinking about Lucia Charlotte and Sebastian Harbor James today.

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    I love both Sabrina Giselle & Chloe Sabrina!
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    i think Sabrina Claire is the prettiest

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    I love Cecily Claire! Cecily June is pretty too.

    Of the other combos, I like Chloe Giselle best. Not a big Sabrina fan.... Prefer Chloe Sabine/Sabina.
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