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    Absolutely Cecily Claire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinlove View Post

    Chloe is a lovely name, my main problem with it is I have found that it has become, like Lucy, Max, Sam, even Lily & Grace...a name that 2 of my friends have for their dogs . Hopefully you do not have this problem.
    I'm worried about this too. A Facebook recently posted a picture of his sibling's dog and called her his "niece" Chloe. That definitely turned me off a bit. :sad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherkate View Post
    I really like Sabrina with your last name. It has a nice rhythm and bounce to it! That said, Sabrina Brooke B- is a little too much repetition. Sabrina Claire gets my vote. Sabrina Claire B- ... very nice!!
    Thanks! I think I really like Sabrina with our last name too. My husband likes the name Brooke so I was trying it out in the MN spot, but I wondered whether it might be too repetitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axps123 View Post
    I tend to shy away from popular names, but I really like Chloe Sabrina. I work in healthcare and see 100+ patients a day, and I have yet to meet a little girl named Chloe (though I've seen several Olivias, Elizabeths, Isabellas and Sophias - and TWO Talons!). I also like Chloe Giselle quite a bit, and it feels faintly exotic, while Chloe Sabrina is more girl next door. But really, the only name I'm not fond of is Cecily. What is your first daughter's name?
    Thanks! Chloe might be my first choice if it wasn't so popular. My first daughter is Jocelyn Noelle. Does that change any opinions?

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    Chloe is okay but its getting really popular real fast. I love Sabrina! Its underused, beautiful and in Celtic mythology its the name of a river goddess.

    I especially love Sabrina Giselle!

    Of your other list, I like Cecily June.
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