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  • Matilda Catherine

    64 80.00%
  • Penelope Heather

    16 20.00%
  • Jack Timothy

    53 66.25%
  • Clancy Luke

    21 26.25%
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    I prefer Penelope Catherine but like the nickname Penny over Pippa.
    Jack Timothy is adorable!
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    Sorry guys, we're moving house and I've been a bit slack with my responses.

    Thank you to everyone that has voted so far. It really helps to see which names people generally seem to like more.

    @jessica lucy: Penelope Catherine is darling and I'm really tempted to use it if we do decide to go with Penelope. The only downside is Matilda Heather sounds awful if we were to have another girl. I do have other girl names up my sleeve that we could use as honour middle names. Matilda Elsie or Matilda Elizabeth to honour my grandma Elsie. Or even Margaret in honour of my sister Megan. I would really like to use Heather one day though.

    @emilyva: I've never heard the meaning 'with a web over her face' for Penelope.

    @ottilie: Thanks for the congrats and congrats to you as well, deciding on a beautiful name for your little Roo. I'ld like to research Heather a little bit more. You know the medicinal and spiritual properties of the plant. Good luck and protection sounds perfect. And Clancy, I just love it. There is no rational reason why!!

    @norbury: Timothy Luke is nice in theory but it doesn't seem to have the 'something' I'm looking for in a name

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    I feel like Clancy is really a perfect name for you. I love Clancy Luke! Both of your girls' names are fabulous, but I choose Matilda Catherine. Love the nickname Tilly!
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