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    No Nonsense Names , Cute, With A Touch Of Vintage

    It seems names come in waves... One minute the girls are easiest an the next it's the boys! Right now we are stuggling with girls. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our boys names and just can't seem to find any more for girls! Here is what our boys list looks like-

    Liam Parker
    Merrick Thomas
    Rhett Maverick
    Flynn Ignatius

    I guess they are all sort of old western sounding. Strong yet soft, no nonsense names with a touch of vintage yet not overly classic. The only for sure names on our list are

    Ivy Louisa (ivy Lou)

    We also have tossed around
    Natalia (hubby's favorite but I just don't love it!)

    They are all ok, im just not blown away by any of those. They're too modern or unfamiliar for my taste. Any ideas to match the style of our boys!?

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    husband approved list::
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Evangeline | Gwyneth | Delilah | Thea | Maren | Cambria | Tesla
    Jude | Nolan | Brody | Asher | Griffin | Nathan | Oliver | Calvin | Quentin | Simon | Penn | Drake

    other favorites::
    Aviva | Shea | Bridget | Rosalind | Zora | Geneva | Cordelia | Betsy | Elena 'Lainey' | Evadne | Faye
    Lars | Otis | Rhett | Kieran | Teague | Neil | Evander | Quinn | Abram | Eamon | Ari | River

    Carly & Zach :: expecting #1 late April 2016!!! ::

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    It's cute, and vintage, and it is Scottish (like some of the irish/scottish sounding names from your boys list).

    Also, Stella.
    (Due in October!)

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    Thanks for all of your lovely suggestions! We got a yes for Lola! Which actually has kind of a cute connection to the time when my husband and I met. But not sure if I could bring myself to use it. I think of Lola the bunny rabbit and also the song 'whatever Lola wants, Lola gets'... Seems very sultry, like the name of a stripper! But at the same time I can see the opposite... An adorable little tomboy redhead named Lola! What do you think?

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