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    Dec 2011
    Boys: William Thomas | James Malcolm | Elias Christian | Vincent Theo | Joshua Benedict
    Girls: Alice Genevieve | Miranda Yvaine | Ivy Arabella | Clara Josephine | Celia Arianwyn
    Guilty Pleasures: Eglantine | Oisín | Zipporah | Étienne | Mitzi | Lidewij

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    Oct 2013
    LN: Carlson
    -DH: Saul Jacob
    -DW: Carol Miriam
    -DS: Scott Alexander
    -DS: Mark Robert
    -DD: Kathleen Jessica
    -DD: Leah Molly

    --DH: Scott Alexander Carlson
    --DW: Tracy Maria Carlson
    --DS: Reilly Asher
    --DS: Maxwell Richard *Max*
    --DD: Jordyn Elaine
    --DD: Sloane Taylor
    --DD: Cassie Juliet
    --DS: Samuel Jack *Sam*

    --DH: Mark Robert Carlson
    --DW: Kimberly Orla *Kim* Carlson
    --DS: Sadler Morgan
    --DD: Kourtney Klaire

    --DW: Kathleen Jessica *Kathy* Jameson
    --DH: Thomas Andrew Jameson
    --DD: Jenna Raine

    --DW: Leah Molly Abrams
    --DH: John Matthew Abrams
    --DS: Connor Ryan

    ---DH: Maxwell Robert
    ---DW: Madison Leighann
    ---DS: Liam Rowan
    ---DD: Piper Lindsay
    (DS and DD are twins)

    ---DW: Jordyn Elaine
    ---DH: Rory Logan
    ---DS: Tyler Ethan
    ---DD: Noelle Carmen

    ---DW: Sloane Taylor
    ---DH: Mason Matteo
    ---DS: Dylan Ash

    ---DW: Kourtney Klaire
    ---DH: Drew Kristofer
    ---DS: Keegan James
    ---DD: Drewlyn Emilia

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