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Thread: Locklin?

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    How about Locklyn

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    Lachlan Buchanan is a really good looking actor.. He's hot! I think that Locklin could be super cute for a girl!!!

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    Too bad about Bronwen, it's a favorite of mine but SO nixed it. Crazy man. My favorites for you by far are Elowen and Avalon.

    Rowen, Colton & Elowen sound gorgeous together.

    But so do Rowen, Colton and Avalon!

    Personally, I'd be done there and spend my time debating those two names.

    Lindon isn't bad, not really a name I love but love of names is totally subjective so if you love it go for it. I have a harder time getting on board with the other names, I have to admit. I love Auberon, but for a boy. Evolen looks somehow... heavy with the 'o' in there. It's so light and lyrical and floaty, but the 'o' makes it lose the magic imo. Ashlon isn't bad, I just prefer Elowen and Avalon. I don't like Cameron or Ellison on a boy or a girl, and Adalon feels like a lesser version of Avalon.
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    I like Afton. Or what about Emory?

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    Well, Lachlan isn't technically a gendered name, historically (it's more of a place name), but I think everyone would agree it's considered a masculine name. Please don't name your daughter Locklin.
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