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    How do you pronounce Clio? I have no idea. I don't know muses.
    I also don't much about Anthea. I pronounce Anne-thea. I don't know. When I saw it, I thought it was Athena for a minute.
    The rest are not obscure. Freya is great if you're American. Most people can pronounce it. The Brit berries say it's popular I think.
    I like Calista the best, although maybe with two lls.
    Good Luck!

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    I feel like people may not recognize Anthea, but would be able to pronounce/spell it easily.

    And although I really like Violet I think it is a little on the popular side (#89) vs the rest of your names are not even in the top 1000 with the exception of Camilla at 437.

    To me the sweet spot names would be Camilla, Calista, Clio, and Freya

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    I feel like Camilla and Violet fall into the category you're talking about, beautiful names!
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    I think Violet and Camilla are too popular for that category. And some of the others might be too obscure. Calista fits the bill the best, imo.
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    Calista - I thought this was a made up name before NB, I'd only ever heard of Flockheart.
    Clio - the only Cleo/Clio I'd ever heard of before NB was the psychic on TV in the 90's.
    Camilla - the only Camilla I've heard of is the wife of the Prince Charles.
    Freya - I'd never heard of this name before NB, I thought it was a joke at first. Probably depends on where you're from.
    Violet - I'd say this one is rather common actually. I've known several.
    Anthea - I'd never heard this name before NB either. I first thought it was a misspelling of Althea. But I suppose it would fall into the category.
    Christabel - this one looks like a smoosh name to me, I know it's not, but that would have been my first thought a few years back.

    Names that I feel fall into the "sweet-spot"


    I've never met anyone with any of those names, but I've always known they were names. Though, obviously a lot of this depends on personal experience.
    I'm sure there's someone out there who's never met a single Jennifer, but anyway
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