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    Will "Ruby" ever enter the top 50?

    My love affair with the name Ruby began years ago but now it is full blown. Even though child bearing is years down the line for me, popularity status freaks me out! I just need opinions from other name nerds about their predictions on this name in the next 10 years or so!
    Thanks in advance, Berries!
    A girl named Chastity who is a teenberry name addict!


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    I am thinking that it is on its way "in". I am with you though. Love It.

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    I also love it, but I can definitely see it entering the Top 50. Quite frankly, I'm almost surprised that it isn't there already.
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    Next year no maybe not the year after that
    In ten years Ruby will be top 50. Maybe even five years.
    Good Luck!
    As someone with no immediate plans to have kids I understand.

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    I'm amazed that it's not in the top 20 to be honest. I know 2 Rubys myself. I do love the name. But it seems way more popular than the stats let on.
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