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    My favourite would be Seth, mainly because I think Seth Wilder is the best combination. I also really like Nolan and Gavin but because of the -n endings of the first and last names it puts them at second and third in my favourites from your list

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    I like:

    Everett Allison
    Wilder Allison
    Seth Allison

    In that order.
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    I'm drawn to Nolan. Agree with littleredone about the -n ending, but I love Gavin, too!

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
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    Your surname ends in an "n" so I don't think a first name ending the same way is ideal (bye bye to Gavin, Nolan and Colin). All of the remaining names blend into your "A" surname but that's not a deal-breaker.

    1 Seth Wilder Allison
    2 Trevor Cole Allison
    3 Everett Wilder Allison
    All the best,

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    Gavin Allison- not a fan of the -n -n... pet peeve.
    Caleb Allison- Alright, but feels overused.
    Trevor Allison- A bit dated for me.
    Seth Allison- Seth is a simple but wonderful name.
    Everett Allison- Wonderful option, especially Everett Wilder Allison... to die for!
    Wilder Allison- Love!
    Nolan Allison- -n -n Sounds very punctuated... kinda kills the flow.
    Colin Allison- -n -n

    Top names: 1. Wilder Cole Allison 2. Everett Wilder Allison 3. Seth Wilder Allison Great name combos there! Congrats!
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