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    My parents named me Laura Beth, though mom toyed with Laura Elizabeth for a long time. She's a big fan of the 2-1 pattern; my sisters are Hannah Ruth and Mattie Grace.
    Mattie's name is unusual in that she was named after my great-grandmother, who was simply "Mattie," not Matilda or Madeline or anything else. Unfortunately, right around when Mattie was born there was a slew of Madisons and Madelines, so she grew up with a ton of Maddies and Madys and Maddys.

    When I married I legally took my maiden name (Locke) as my middle.
    Margot - Eleanor (Lena) Ivy - Leonie - Camille/a Clare - Margery Wren
    Clark - Gabriel - Simon - Malachy - Locke - Shepherd

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Vesper - Zephyr - Andromeda - Bellatrix - Lúthien

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