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    Critique my boy names

    Hello berries! I am Olympia, new to nameberry. To be correct, I have searching through the site since winter but only registered today.
    I am a new writer and while searching for character names, I became a nerd. I like to make combos and these are the names I like best for a boy. Could you please tell me what do you think of them?

    Adam Levi or Adam Harvey
    Jasper Roderick with nickname J
    Rupert Noah
    Garett Barnaby with nickname Rhett
    Leopold Hugh with nickname Leo
    Edmund Oscar with nickname Ted

    I love classic or vintage name, so called "undiscovered gems". If you have time, could you also give me some suggestions? I would be very grateful if you do, thank you.
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    Hey, is anybody out there? Looks like 75 people are on forum but no-one replies.
    ● Olympia ● Literature Student ● Writer ● Name nerd

    Constance FrancesSibyl JemimaTheodoraRamona Verity Esme
    Emrys Basil Atlas Grover LeonardoAlgernonIgnatius Sylvanus

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    Adam Harvey is very good. It sounds much more authentic than Adam Levi
    Jasper Roderick with nickname J - Jasper Roderick is great too. His nickname ought to be lengthened to Jay instead of J though, so that there won't be any confusion.
    Rupert Noah - Rupert is a wonderful character name but you should scratch Noah. It doesn't blend well.
    Garett Barnaby with nickname Rhett - Also a very good name
    Leopold Hugh with nickname Leo - I like this one especially
    Edmund Oscar with nickname Ted - This is great, but where did you get Ted? There may be some confusion concerning Ted's identity in the story if you just let the name pop-up, as if you introduce him as Edmund Oscar and later on refer to him as Ted, with no clarification upon that being his nick-name. Good luck!

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    Welcome to Nameberry! I'll do a quick run-down of your list.

    Adam Levi or Adam Harvey--I prefer Levi to Harvey, but with Adam I might prefer Harvey, both since Adam and Levi have the same number of letters and since Adam Levi is a double-dose Old Testament name (though that's not a bad thing--I just prefer to diffuse the imagery a little.) I also like combos with uneven rhythm, so with the 2-syllable Adam I'd probably look for something longer as a middle: Adam Isaiah (O.T. again!), Adam Connolly, Adam Augustus, etc.

    Jasper Roderick with nickname J--Very handsome. Jasper is no longer an "undiscovered gem," at least not here, which makes me a bit sad since I recently began loving it. I try to avoid combos that contain the same ending and beginning letter, in this case R, as it makes the two names run together a bit; but this combo isn't giving me much trouble that way.

    Rupert Noah--Again, the syllable count is the same, which bores my ear a tad. Also I haven't learned to love Rupert. Stylistically, though, I like the unexpectedness of this pairing, as Rupert is very English (or Australian) and quite unusual here, and Noah is a Hebrew name in our Top 5.

    Garett Barnaby with nickname Rhett--Cute, but distinguished enough for a man. I prefer the spelling Garrett--it looks more complete.

    Leopold Hugh with nickname Leo--I'm not in love with Leopold, but this is a hip combo. And I am in love with Hugh.

    Edmund Oscar with nickname Ted--Love Edmund! Great associations (C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen) and neither too popular nor too outlandish. Edmund Oscar might be a bit over-the-top, sort of a double dose of vintage coolness, but it does work. I have Edmund Kay on my list; I think it has such a romantic, knightly sound. I wouldn't use Kay as a boy's first name, but as a middle I think it could pass.

    A few from my list you may like:

    Archibald "Archie"--not really a love of mine; I'm just beginning to warm to it. Archie is so cute.

    Best wishes!
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