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    Super cute name! And I feel like, since it's three syllables, it would be best paired with a one or two syllable MN. Three and three oftentimes feels like too much, unless done really right. I think Elea Charlotte is okay, but I feel like you could do better!

    Elea Maren
    Elea Bliss
    Elea Bronwen
    Elea Ivy
    Elea Jane
    Elea Lark
    Elea Lilac
    Elea Lilith
    Elea Louise
    Elea Piper
    Elea Violet
    Elea Wren
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    Great choices! I like Elea Violet and Elea Maren. Still not finding anything I love that matches with Elea yet though.
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    If you want something with a similar meaning, the Lucy names (Lucia, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucette, etc.) mean "light". There is alliteration of the L sound in both names, which some people may find undesirable, but I personally like it. Elea Lucette sounds feminine, soft, and magical to me.

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