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    Back to the beginning...

    As I posted before we don't think we can use Avery now. Very bummed...It took a long time to get to that! Can you help us pick a first name that goes best with this sibset?? We really like all the ideas/thoughts.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Ava

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Aubrey

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Anna

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Elise

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Isabelle

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    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Ava - this works, but I find Ava and Ella very similar in structure in addition to Addison and Ava both sharing an initial A. Also there are 3 feminine names and one more boyish one.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Aubrey - this is my favorite for you! Aubrey is closest to Avery (though still quite distinct) and I like that Addison and Aubrey while both basically clearly girls' names like Olivia and Ella have a bit of a boyish feeling and history, so there's nice balance. Although Addison and Aubrey both start with A, the beginning sound is quite distinct, even more so than in Addison and Ava I think. Really like this.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Anna - it works enough, but Ella and Anna are quite similar in structure and the beginning of Addison and Anna sound so much alike.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Elise - this is probably the one I advise against the most - Ella and Elise feel way to similar for me and they could conceivably both try to be Ellie.

    Olivia, Addison, Ella, and Isabelle - this works enough, the ELL series in Ella and Isabelle is a little close for me though.

    Aubrey gets my top vote and in your shoes Elise is the one I'd most likely veto completely.

    You obviously like vowel names - does Ivy work?

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    My first choice would be Isabelle and second choice would be Aubrey.
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    Isabelle seems to be the clear winner here. Each as a separate initial. I like the suggestion of Ivy though it has the Avery feel.
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    I think Anna and Ava are too similar to Ella. Isabelle is also to close to Ella because of its ending. Ella and Elise feel to close because they both could have the nickname Ellie and both start with El.

    Aubrey is definitely my favorite on the list!

    I also really like these with your crew.
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