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    Middle names for Ezra or Zeppelin!

    I want my child to have a unique (if not strange) name. Im leaning toward Ezra or Zeppelin right now but don't know about a middle name. The last name will be McTaggart. Any suggestions?

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    I love Ezra!

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    What is it that you like about Ezra and Zepplin? That way we can make educated suggestions.

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    The zeppelin was a huge aircraft that looked a bit like a balloon. While I can appreciate that you might like it's sound, it's a bit like naming your child Airplane or Car. Ezra is a great name.

    Ezra James McTaggart
    Ezra Orion McTaggart
    Ezra Noel McTaggart
    Ezra Teague McTaggart
    Ezra Jude McTaggart
    Ezra Brogan McTaggart
    Ezra Pearse McTaggart
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