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    I think of Goop right away when I hear Apple used as a name (and I'm not a very big fan of hers - to say the least). However, I don't mind the name and I think it would make a quite lovely middle name (I think it's too out-there as a first). In terms of celebrity baby names, it's not nearly as horrific as Jermajesty, Rainbow or Bluebell.

    I also totally stand behind the idea of using Pomeline as a possible substitute. It's a wonderful name.
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    I honestly totally love Apple! I loved it before Gwyneth Paltrow had anything to do with it. I used to name the daughter in my Sim family "Mary Apple". Did anyone else play that game? If I were to use it in real life, I would probably use it as a middle name like that. I wouldn't be brave enough to put it first. My hubby turned it down, though. Coincidentally, our daughter's middle name is Lucille after my grandmother, too.

    I like the suggestions of Opal/Opaline, Pomona (nn Apple), Poppy, and Bryony. You could also just switch it to Lucille Apple instead. Lucy Apple is cute!

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    I have to agree with some of the comments. If I met baby Apple I would think you were a big Gwyneth Paltrow (barf) fan. She ruined the name for everyone, sorry.

    What do you like about the name? It's very simple and sweet, nature inspired but unusual.

    How about:

    Calla-- Love Calla Lucille Rowe!

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    I like Apple. It's a sweet name.

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    I think straightaway of Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't particularly care for it. I think Pomeline/Pommeline/Pommelina, etc. are a great compromise between Apple and Porcelina, and I think you could use Poppy as a nickname.

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