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Thread: Winchester

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    Sounds like a real stretch to me.

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    I would love to go to Winchester Mystery House, it's been a dream of mine ever since I read a book about it a couple of years ago.

    As a first name? No, not for a girl and not for a boy. I personally dislike last names turned first names, but I also think that the association is rather horrible. I mean, the Winchesters were the manufacturers of the Winchester rifle and I would never ever name my child after any sort of weapon. Second of all, Sarah Winchester is said to have built the mansion the way that she did so that the spirits who had died by the rifle would never be able to find and haunt her. I wouldn't consider that name any good.
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    Not for a girl. It'd be a stretch for a boy.

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    It seems like a no-go name, especially for a girl. The sound just isn't appealing for either gender. And it totally makes me think of the gun. It's a name with a dark history (see @shvibziks explanation) and it's too much for a person to carry.

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