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    I grew up in the city and moved to the countryside when I was 23 for a teaching job. I moved back to the city (a different city) when I was 25 (four years ago). The country town I moved to was very small (population 200). At the time, I remember thinking it's a great place for families, but not for a young single girl (which I was back then). Personally, I would LOVE to move to the country! My dream is moving from Adelaide (where we live now; population 1.2 million) to the Barossa Valley (a small group of towns an hour away). I'd love to live on a few acres and have lots of animals. When you move to the country, you definitely need to get a dog! Roo will love it I enjoyed my time in the country, but was ready to leave after two years. By far the best bit was looking out my kitchen window every morning to see kangaroos hopping across paddocks. You don't get that in the city!

    There are definitely downsides to living in the country. For example, I wouldn't want to live more than an hour from restaurants, shops, etc. But, in England, I guess you're never too far away! I think the countryside is a great place to bring up children. Good luck with planning your move!
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