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    I don't think it's unusable. But I asked my husband just to be sure LOL! He said he knew a girl named Hermione in college. She was obviously named before Harry Potter was a thing and she was also British. Apparently it's fairly common there (or at least not unheard of). If you use it, people will probably assume you're a big fan of Harry Potter. But, people are naming their kids Bella and Edward and Renesme (sp) because of Twilight - I'd rather have a name associated with Harry Potter than Twilight!

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    I'm not a fan. I think that the Harry Potter reference kind of stamps out its possibilities right there.

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    I think even now, you'll have a lot of pronunciation issues (after all not everyone is a potterhead) with it, which makes me think it's better as a middle name.

    I also love Harry Potter and I definitely can see people assuming that you like/love/obsess over Harry Potter. So you might get comments "Oh, like Harry Potter!" or "OH! You must be a Harry Potter fan" So just prepare yourself for that if you do use it as a name at all.
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    Use it!

    I don't see why you shouldn't use it, if you love it. It doesn't have to be a hp thing. I have a friend in her early 30ties with the name, and it is not odd or a problem at all. She spells it Hermine though, as the femine form of Herman.

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    I actually really love the name Hermione, just by itself. It has some amazing literary roots and I love the sound of it as well. And I don't see the Harry Potter attachment as a hindrance at all - Hermione Granger is an amazing role model for a child. Although I may be biased, because I'm a big Harry Potter fan anyway.

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