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    It's absolutely usable. The HP connection is just cool, Hermione Granger rocks. For me it's also a very classic Shakespeare name, and has ties to Greek mythology, so I love it for many reasons. I think the HP connection helps, actually, people will know how to pronounce it now.
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    I love Hermione. Yes, it is pretty linked to Harry Potter..but the name is rich in it's history.

    Also, once your kid grows up... there will be a new book/movie series that is all craze. Your kid will probably never get the Harry Potter connection from other kids.

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    Although Harry Potter is no longer dominating the media, it is still I would say that it's unusable.

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    It's my daughter's middle name, definitely usable. Maybe not for first name though, but it works great.

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    Works as a middle, but unusable as a first.
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