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    Hermione - unusable?

    Tossed this one out to my husband and he seemed completely flabbergasted. The name is so linked to Harry Potter in his mind that he can't imagine naming a child Hermione.

    I'm a HP fan myself, but I also love that it's uncommon, has cool classical and ecclesiastical roots (I'm a classicist enrolled in a graduate theology program), has a sweet and somewhat uncommon nickname (Minnie) and is now (for the most part) correctly pronounced thanks to HP. That said, there are several names I like better and would definitely use first, so it's more an intellectual exercise at this point.

    So be honest - do you think that Harry Potter has claimed Hermione and made it unusable? If so, how long until you think it will "safe" to use once more?
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    As a HP nerd, I would've said it was unusable a few years ago. Now I think it's fine, probably because I've become more of a name nerd since then and also because Pottermania has died down now all the books and films are done with. To me, it has the same feeling as Persephone and Aphrodite. And it's fairly popular over here at the mo- #392 in 2011. So yeah, I think it's usable
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    I definitely think it's usable, but I do think you'd need to be prepared for the "Oh, are you a big Harry Potter fan?" comments. While HP mania may have died down some in the past few years, I don't think the book series itself is going anywhere; I think it will become a classic work of children's literature that each new generation of kids discovers.

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    Sorry to be the outlier here, but I agree with your husband. I don't think it's usable, not only because of HP, but also because it's such an unusual name.

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    I'm with miche and your husband- it's totally unusable, mainly because of Harry Potter. I think namenerds are so surrounded by names like Ariadne and Zephyr that Hermione doesn't seem so out there, but for the general public it's definitely too weird. If you don't believe me, put your name in as "Hermione" at a restaurant- I've done it and the looks I get are pretty strange. I wouldn't want to have to deal with that for my entire life!

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