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    Kathryn-It's a sweet, classic name that has a modern edge over Carolyn's old, solemn image
    Mara-It's a classic name that we don't hear too often, giving it a positive allure. Tana, however, sounds almost made up and kurt
    Miriam-It's a classic name with religious undertones but it doesn't sound hyper-religious or old, it's a perfect name for a modern baby girl
    Kay-It's a cute, Southern name that has a bit of spunk without being overly modern
    Linda-A beautiful Italian name with a wonderful meaning and a feminine flow; definitely better than the clunky "Wendy."
    Zoë-Modern, spunky, sassy, and most importantly, feminine. It's a great, modern pick
    Jeannie-It's a classic name that never loses its adorable vibe
    Francesca-A beautiful name that sounds elegant and young at the same time
    Willa-An adorable, feminine name that packs a lot of punch in only 5 letters
    Miranda-A strong, modern name that also has a feminine touch
    Rachel-A strong name that has a lot of feminine qualities, as well
    Angel-Sweet and short, it's a beautiful name with a lot of meaning
    Emma-A beautiful, sweet little name that mixes classic and modern
    Prue-A very modern name that can certainly catch anyone's attention
    Raphaela-Very elegant and feminine, a beautiful name that has both classic and modern qualities
    Sharon-A name with a long line of history, and certainly more fresh than "Sally."
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    Carolyn - more feminine
    Mara - the other opinion sounded dumb
    Miriam - Miriam, more sofisticated
    Kay - more sporty
    Linda - Linda, can be shortened to Lin
    Zoë - cuter
    Valerie - I hate the other name
    Francesca - better
    Dawn - feminine
    Miranda - like the county singer
    Alison - cuter
    Angel or Bliss - hate both
    Emma - feminine
    Helen - better than Prue
    Pauline - better than the other option
    Sally - Sharon sounds like a drag queen name

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    Carolyn- because it has an old sound to it. The nickname could be Carrie. With Kathryn the nickname would be Kathy, I don't like that. It's too common.

    Mara- it has a pretty ring to it.

    Miriam- I dislike Paula. Makes me think of Paula Abdul. Miriam is one of my guilty pleasure names.

    Kay- Sue is too clunky.

    Linda- it's prettier, but I don't really like either.

    Zoe- I'd spell it different. But I don't like Nina.

    Jeannie- I don't like Valerie. Well, I don't really like Jeannie either but, it's better.

    Francesca- it's pretty. I love it. Nickname could be Fran or cessie. I don't like Georgina. Too clunky.

    Willa- it's beautiful. I've never liked Dawn, I had a friend with that middle name. Didn't like it.

    Miranda- Melanie is too blah. Miranda is pretty.

    Alison- nickname Ali. Rachel is not a good name. Nickname Rach. Gross.

    Angel- but I really don't like either much. Angel is okay though.

    Alix- it's femenine yet not at the same time. I love it. Emma is too common.

    Helen- it's my grandmothers name. Prue is pretty, makes me think of Charmed, but it's spelling is unfortunate.

    Neither Raphaela or Pauline. Both are too old and mannish.

    Sharon- Sally is old.

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