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    Quick Story BNG!

    1// You are 17 and you go to the prom with the most amazing guy in the world (your boyfriend). Later that night you guys are in the mood and end up doing it. 2 months later you find out you are pregnant. 7 months later you give birth to a beautiful baby boy. What is his name??

    2// You and your BF finish high school and move in together. A year later you two get married. Where do you get married? and where do you go for your honeymoon??

    3// When you get back from your honeymoon you find out you are pregnant again. This time with twins. you give birth to Twin Girls. They must have the same Initials but they can't rhyme. what are their names??

    4// Your husband goes to College to become and Dentist. So he can support your growing family. You guys move your family to a nice town. Not to big but not to small. Where do you move to?

    5// Your Son is in in second grade (so he's 8) and your twins are in first grade (so they are 7). You and your husband miss having a baby around the house. You two try to get pregnant but can't. So you turn to fertility treatments. SURPRISE!!! you get pregnant with Quads!!! 3 boys and 1 girl. You name them after relatives or close friends that have passed. What are their names??

    6// 5 Years later your !6 year old Niece has a baby girl, But she can't support her. She wants to have an open adoption. So you and your Husband decide to adopt her daughter. She lets you name her. You decide to name her after her mother. her middle name can be anything.

    7// 4 years down the road one of the twins tells you that she is pregnant. you are mad, but then you get over it and are some what ok with it. She has Triplets 2 girls and a boy. what Daughter get pregnant and what are her kids names??

    8// you are done having kids. but the kids want a pet. What do you get? What is the gender? and what is its name?

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    Me: Emilia Grace Luster.
    Boyfriend: Joshua Michael "Josh" Takahata.

    1. Liam Edward Takahata.

    Home: Burlington, Vermont.


    Honeymoon: Orlando, Florida.

    2. Adeline Hope "Addie" Takahata.
    3. Alexandra Helen "Alex" Takahata.

    Joshua's College: University of New England College of Dental Medicine.
    - Portland, Maine.

    4. Caiden John "Jack" Takahata.
    5. Christian George Takahata.
    6. Cedric Bailey Takahata.
    7. Cecilia Marie Takahata.

    Brother: Brian Vincent Luster.
    Brian's Wife: Emma Michelle Luster (Green).
    Brian's Daughter: Ava Catherine Luster.
    Ava's Boyfriend: Emmett Samuel Toudoin.

    8. (A) Averie Beatrice Takahata.

    Adeline's Boyfriend: Matthew William "Matt" Winowiecki.
    Adeline's Daughter: Sophia Ellen "Sophie" Winowiecki.
    Adeline's Daughter: Ainsley Charlotte Winowiecki.
    Adeline's Son: Brendan Joel Winowiecki.

    Cat: Meeko

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    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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