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    Long BNG! Story!

    1. Your name is ________.

    2. You have just graduated from ________ (any university) with a major in ________ and you and two of your best friends are taking the vacation of a lifetime to ________(your dream destination).

    3. One night of your vacation, when you are all dressed up for a night on the town, you meet the most gorgeous guy you've ever seen at a nightclub. You two hit it off nicely, and it isn't long before you realize that you two are soul mates, destined to be together for life. What is his name?

    4. The best part is, your dream guy lives only half an hour away from you back home, so you see each other often, and after a wonderful year of dating, he pops the question when you least expect it! Eight months later, you get married at ________ and honeymoon in ________.

    5. As soon as you get back from your honeymoon, you start feeling a little strange, and getting nauseous in the mornings. So you go to your doctor and have it confirmed: you're pregnant! Nine months later, you give birth to a healthy baby girl. Her first name must begin with an S, and her middle name must be some variation of either YOUR first or middle name. What is her name?

    6. Three years pass, and your little girl starts pestering you about how much she would like to have a little brother or sister to play with. You talk to your husband, and you both feel that it's time, so you get pregnant again. What a surprise! Your daughter got her wish...three times over! It's triplets, and you didn't even have any fertility treatments! Two boys and a girl.
    Boy # 1: His first name must be after one of your favorite male characters from an OLD TV show (I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, etc). His middle name can be whatever you like.
    Boy # 2: His first name must be after one of your favorite male characters from a modern-day TV show. Again, his middle name can be anything.
    Girl: Her first name must be three letters long, and her middle name is after your favorite Disney Princess.
    What are their names?

    7. Time passes so fast you're not sure where it's gone! Now your oldest daughter is 6, and the triplets are 2. You and your husband weren't planning on having any more kids for awhile...but SURPRISE! You're pregnant again! This time, it's only one...thank goodness! Another little girl. Her first name must begin AND end with an A, and her middle name is a nature name. What is her name?

    8. Now your oldest daughter is 10, the triplets are 6, and your youngest daughter is 3. They have all been begging for a pet, so you decide on a kitten. The kitten must be named after a famous animal (real or cartoon). Is the kitten a boy or a girl? What color is he/she? What do you name him/her?

    9. Just after you bring home your new kitty, you find out that your younger half-sister is pregnant at only 16 years old! She doesn't want to have an abortion, but she also doesn't feel ready to be a mother. So you and your husband agree to adopt her child after it's born. It's a little boy! His first name must start with an E, and his middle name must be the male version of your half-sister's name (you decide her name). What is his name?

    10. When your oldest is 13, your triplets are 9, your younger daughter is 6, and your adopted son is 2, you and your husband leave your kids with your parents for a week, while you two embark on a romantic escape to ________ (any country in Latin America). While you are there, you happen upon a lonely orphanage, where you fall in love with the cutest little black-haired, brown-eyed baby boy/girl twins. Even your husband is having a hard time resisting, so at last you decide to adopt them. Their first names must be of Hispanic origin, and their middle names must be the names of a famous couple (ex. the girl's middle name could be Angelina, and the boy's middle name could be Brad; or the girl's middle name could be Lucy, and the boy's middle name could be Ricky, etc). What are their names?

    11. When your oldest is 16, the triplets are 12, your daughter is 9, your son is 5, and your adopted twins are 4, you get one last unexpected surprise: you're pregnant AGAIN! And there you were, thinking you were all done with kids! Not only that, but it's another set of triplets! Two girls and a boy this time.
    Girl # 1: Her first name must be the name of a country/city/state, and her middle name must be a color.
    Girl # 2: Either her first OR her middle name must have the name Anne or Anna in it (so, for example, one of her names could be Brianna, etc), and her other name must begin with the same letter as your husband's name.
    Boy: His first name must have 4 syllables or more, and his middle name is a nature name.
    What are their names?

    You are now 60. What are your kids up to? Are they married? Do they have kids? How many grandkids do you have? What are their names?

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    Me: Isabella Paige "Bella" Fossli.

    University: Harvard University.
    Major: Biomedical Engineering.

    Friend 1: Emma Catherine Jacob.
    Friend 2: Lillian Alexandria Pierce.
    Emma's Major: Chemical and Physical Biology.
    Lillian's Major: Chemistry.

    Vacation: Kauai, Hawaii.
    Boyfriend: Samuel Thomas "Sam" Stewart.
    Home: Cambridge, Maryland.


    Honeymoon: The Islands of Tahiti.

    1. Summer Isabelle Stewart.
    2. Miles Jonathan Stewart.
    3. Derek Alexander Stewart.
    4. Ava Rapunzel Stewart.
    5. Aurelia December Stewart.

    Kitten: Minnie

    Half-Sister: Victoria Penelope "Vicki" Marincovich.
    Vivian's Boyfriend: Christopher Paul "Chris" Potter.
    6. (A) Emmett Victor Stewart.

    Vacation: Los Cabos, Mexico.
    7. (A) Octavio Barack "Vio" Stewart.
    8. (A) Evangelina Michelle "Evie" Stewart.

    9. Charlotte Rose Stewart.
    10. Brianna Samantha Stewart.
    11. Leonardo River "Leo" Stewart.

    DH: Edward Raphael "Ed" Krikorian.
    DW: Summer Isabelle Krikorian (Stewart).
    - Kaitlin Rosemarie Krikorian.
    - Veronica Leigh Krikorian.
    - Declan Gabriel Krikorian.

    DH: Miles Jonathan Stewart.
    DW: Hannah Katherine Stewart (Aldcroft).
    - Devin Michael Stewart.
    - Michaela Marie Stewart.
    - Rowan Persephone Stewart.

    DH: Derek Alexander Stewart.
    DW: Sarah Bernice Stewart (Morin).
    - Graham Eleazar Stewart.

    DH: Brandon Donald Wolsiefer.
    DW: Ava Rapunzel Wolsiefer (Stewart).
    - Devlin Nathaniel Wolsiefer.
    - Arabella Victoire Wolsiefer.

    DH: Joshua Timothy "Josh" Thornton.
    DW: Aurelia December Thornton (Stewart).
    - Ella Penrose Thornton.
    - Cassandra Mae Thornton.
    - Oliver Edmond Thornton.
    - Liam Matthew Thornton.
    - Juliet Amber Thornton.

    DH: Emmett Victor Stewart.
    DW: Casey Elizabeth Stewart (Bussell).
    - Vincent David Stewart.
    - Arianna Christine Stewart.
    - Luna Melrose Stewart.

    DH: Octavio Barack "Vio" Stewart.
    DW: Katelyn Mary Stewart (Bonds).
    - Thalia Winter Stewart.

    DH: Caiden William Miller.
    DW: Evangelina Michelle "Evie" Miller (Stewart).
    - Leah Emmeline Miller.
    - Killian Quinton Miller.
    - Camden Drake Miller.
    - Olivia Charlize Miller.

    DH: Christian Edmund Ginsburg.
    DW: Charlotte Rose Ginsburg (Stewart).
    - Calliope May Ginsburg.

    DH: Stephen Bernard Winters.
    DW: Brianna Samantha Winters (Stewart).

    DH: Leonardo River "Leo" Stewart.
    DW: Rachel Grace Stewart (Anthony).
    - Callista Hope Stewart.

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