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  • Levi Reid

    11 14.86%
  • Dawson Jude

    3 4.05%
  • Beckett Reese

    11 14.86%
  • Cruz Thomas

    3 4.05%
  • Stellan Dean

    5 6.76%
  • Milo Thomas

    26 35.14%
  • Jackson Dean

    3 4.05%
  • Lucas Jack

    9 12.16%
  • Cullen Jude

    0 0%
  • Lennox Dean

    3 4.05%
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    This might be one of the best lists of boys names I've seen. Beckett Reid and Milo Thomas are amazing! There are several others on the list I like a lot too: Stellan, Levi, Jude. I voted for Beckett. I think Beck Thomas sounds great as well.

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    I eliminated from consideration any of the names ending in -en/-an/-on (might have voted for Stellan otherwise). I like Lennox Dean but Lennox does feel trendy next to Eden.

    My favorites then are Levi Reid and Milo Thomas. Levi might actually work best... but I voted for Milo Thomas because it is my favorite name.

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    I had a hard time choosing between Lennox, Lucas, and Beckett. I went with Lucas Jack because it felt the most similar to Eden Harper stylistically, but I would also love to see Lennox Dean or Beckett Reese.
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    I think Jackson Dean fits in the best with your family!
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    I like Milo Thomas. Other mn suggestions: Milo Jude and Milo Dean.
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