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    We hope for a large family, so I'm not concerned to pile all my favorites onto one child.

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    My favorites change week to week, or at least month to month. I would definitely use my favorites in a combo (the ones that have staying power). You never know how many kids you'll have or what sexes they'll be. And I tend to love more names than have trouble finding ones I like, so there are plenty more fish in the sea
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    I didn't save names. I was more worried about not having a second child of the same gender and never getting to use it. Also, my second daughter was born 4.5 years after my first and my taste did change a bit - I'm a bit more adventurous now than I was the first time around.
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    thanks everyone

    I don't want a super large family so that's why I'm more unsure of what to do.
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    The future is uncertain. You really don't know that there will ever be another child, let alone one of the same gender. I would use what I love now and worry about the future in the future. But my perspective is that I had two boys and then had a ton of health problems for several years. I thought I might not ever have another child, so when I was blessed with health and another baby, and she was a girl, we used a name that was perfect for her. We later decided we liked her middle name so much that we wondered if we ought to have saved it, but really we are glad we gave her that perfect name. Our next baby was a boy, so who knows -- she might end up being our only girl after all.

    I agree with pp that if a combination of your favorites work together and fit the child, go ahead and use them. Personally, I would rather scramble for a new "perfect name" should I get to have another child, than to bank on getting to use certain names but then not get them.

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