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    I love Tomasin. I think it's much more interesting than Tamsin.

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    Tomasin looks and sounds masculine, even if it isn't. I prefer Thomasine or Thomasina.
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    I like Tamsin much better (and don't think it sounds like tampon at all). Tomasin is too much like Thomas to me--and I'm not a big fan of girl's names that are just boy's names with an extra letter or two. Tamsin sounds like it's own thing. Very pretty.

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    I love Tomasin! I'd spell it Thomasin, though. I've never found any backup for it being a legit option, though (much like Willemine).
    Tom & Tommy turn me right off, but Thomasin is lovely.
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    I'd also spell it Thomasin. I detest Thomas, but I don't mind its feminine forms.

    Tamsin is pleasant. Thomasina is nice. I think I like the h in Thomasina. I did think the h in Thomasin was a legitimate variant - I stole it off someone on Nameberry who reported having it as a family name?

    Thomasin reminds me of Rosamund and Gwendolen - a bit clunky and solid, a nice contrast to the very liquid girls names of today, the Lola/Lila/Aria/Aaliyah/Eliana/Liliana etc. names. But also, like Rosamund and Gwendolen, a bit romantic in its antiquity.

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