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    I wouldn't, but I've spent a lot of my life in China (the land of paperwork and endless bureaucracy). I can't imagine having to fill in yet another name on all the paperwork. Plus, I find it a bit frivolous... only a handful of people even know my 1 middle name. Why add another? I can understand adding another meaningful name, but it just makes the name so long. I'd much rather have 2 carefully chosen, meaningful names. I think if you give 2 middle names, you probably need to continue it for the other kids. If you didn't, the others might feel cheated.

    Edit: But I should add that I have always felt my name is particularly unwieldy... It was 3 syllable first name + 1 syllable middle name + 3 syllable Disney movie maiden name... Now I have dropped my mn (lest my name should be ridiculously long)... so it's 3 syllable fn + 3 syllable Disney movie maiden name + 3 syllable surname (that sounds like something out of a sci-fi film). I think for my nephew, Bri@n Johnson, 2 middle names would've been useful just to help sort out which Bri@n Johnson... but with my surname (Zolgh@dr), I think it's completely unnecessary. It's not exactly common...
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    Our two boys only ahve one middlename, as per tradition in our families, but if we have a girl next time she will have two middlenames - the last being in honour of her uncle.

    I like it IF the names flow, but not for the sake of using "all the names I like" if you know what i mean

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    I hate it. I don't see why parents can't just choose a name. When Uma Thurman gave her child 5 middle names, I rolled my eyes. Plus being a teacher, long names are aggravating on paperwork. They never fit and are annoying to children too. Most children want to be the "same" as everyone else. I run into this problem year after year. Definitely think about it before you plague your child with an obnoxiously long name.

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    I wouldn't use two middle names because I prefer simplicity in naming overall. As for other people, I think it is fine either way and really depends on the first name, the chosen middle names, and the last name.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    My youngest brother had two middles (Jacob Michael Allen) and my oldest sister (Natasha Mary Lousie) while none of the rest of us (there are 8 in all) did. Similarly my oldest has two middles because, quite frankly her father was hard headed on a name i disliked (Elizabeth) and i wanted to give her the name I loved and still name her after my grandmother, so we wound up with Elizabeth Kealani Joy, which flows nicely. I didn't continue this with my younger 2 though, and as we're having such a hard time even agreeing on a first name for this one, I really seriously doubt #4 will have 2 middles, either.

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