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    combining names to honor more than one family member

    I'm trying to come up with middle name options for our 2nd child (if it's a girl - a boy will have my maiden name for a middle, as per family tradition). Our daughter's middle name is Lucille after my grandmother. (I kind of only have one because my mom is estranged from her mother.) We have considered using either Helen or Ada after one of DH's grandmothers, but I don't want one of them to feel left out. Do you think the name Adele could be used to honor both Ada and Helen? Is it too cheesy to combine names like that? I legitimately like the name Adele on it's own, and it has a similar vintage feel to Lucille. Another name I though of is Pauline, because DH's godfather is named Paul. Then I realized, if spelled Paulene (although I prefer the other spelling), it could be for Paul (his godfather) and Arlene (his godmother). Pauline is also a French name like the others, so I'm liking how they all fit together. I just don't know if it's too corny an idea, and if we use those names I really want the people they're named after to feel honored. Anyone have opinions on this?

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    I like the idea of using Adele to honor Ada and Helen. I'm not the biggest fan of Paulene though; it's very dated, and I personally wouldn't want to be named Paulene. Adele is far prettier.
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    Adele! I feel like it's a recognizable way to honor both names and it doesn't feel forced. Love it.
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    I love Adele, and think it's darling way to honor two important women in your husbands life.
    Pauline is beautiful, but Paulene feels tortured. Could the similar sounding ending be enough of
    a nod to her or is the Paul- part of Pauline too dominant?
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    I get what you're saying about the name being dated. It is. But, honestly, so is Lucille. Adele is only becoming popular again because of the singer, but a few years ago would have been considered very old-fashioned. I certainly wouldn't use it as a first name, but for a middle I'm okay with it being an old-lady name. In our family, we choose middle names to follow tradition and honor the people we love more than for the sound. My DH's grandfather's middle name is Sartwell. No one in the fam is going to bat an eye at Pauline. LOL!

    I agree, I don't really like the spelling Paulene, but it is an accepted spelling. I like the look of -line ending names much better. Do you think his godmother would still understand that we were thinking of her in the naming, even if the spelling wasn't reminiscent of her name? The sound is there.

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