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    Jenezmae looks like someone decided to make a rhyming name for Renesmee with a different spelling.

    Some suggestions:

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    I'm sorry but it's really really awful.... I agree with everyone else.... Horrible

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    I'm afraid I have to agree with the other berries. Sorry, mitsueclipse.

    I would suggest Janessa since it sounds similar to the name you are considering. Janessa sounds somewhat made up but still acceptable and sophisticated.

    My combo I would suggest for you: Janessa Clarice

    Hope I helped.
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    I agree with all pp's Jenezmae Kalyssa Carrasco is just too letter jumble for me.
    Also, the fact that Jenezmae rhymes with Reneesme makes the whole yoonikee factor worse. (Sorry. )
    There are some great J names out there that are rarely used.

    How about Jacobina, Jacynthia, Joleen, January, Jessema, Jovie, Jolie, Jesmaine, Janneke, Jaswinder, Jelena, Jocasta, or Justine?
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    I agree with everyone else.

    Not good. At all.
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