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    I prefer Crispin over Peregrine.

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    Peregrine nn Pip makes more sense to me than Crispin nn Pip.
    My vote is definitely for Peregrine. I love Pippin from LOTR!
    Like pp's have said, I also cannot get past the crisp part of Crispin.

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    I like Crispin better. I like Caspian the best. "Pip" would be a little more forced but I think it would still work.
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    I think either works fine!

    Also, you can tag Pip to any name, a friend of mine from England has a Josh nn Pip
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    I know a Crispin who goes exclusively by Cris. I think you'd have a hard time avoiding the more familiar nickname Cris. And I prefer Peregrine anyway!

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