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Thread: This or that

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    Bethan - I like Welsh names
    Sophie - Its cute and I know too many Claire's
    Caitlin - I hate the name Lauren (bad association). I don't like Caitlin either but I don't hate it.
    Lucy - cute and less popular than Emma
    Julietta - Julietta is very romantic Maybelline is a makeup brand
    Ella - I like both but if I had to name someone either Ella or Molly, I'd choose Ella.
    Lesley - I don't like either. But I like this one more than Sharon
    Ruth - I don't know why but I love the name Ruth.
    Alison - I like Alison. Its actually pretty classic. Sally reminds me of my great aunt.
    Julia - Julia is classic and pretty. Jessica is dated.
    Danielle - I don't like the "y" in Kathryn.
    Sarah - Its classic and it means princess. Kay feels too short for a first name.
    Sky - Sky would make a good middle name. Bliss sounds low class
    Georgia - Georgia is fresher and less dated than Alissa.
    Natalie - I like both, but if I had to name somebody either Saskia or Natalie, I'd choose Natalie
    Victorine - I've never liked Colette.
    Nina - Nina is cute. Carla is dated.
    Holly - cuter than April
    Lydia - Its pretty and vintage. For some reason I'd have a hard time taking a Phoebe seriously
    Catharina - So pretty and regal. I love Catharina
    Grace - Its simple and classic. I don't like -lyn names at all.
    Emily - Emily is sweet and less dated than Laura
    Eva - I like both, but Maisie Doesn't age well and Eva does and it also comes with the cute nn Evie.
    Autumn - I'm ambivalent towards Autumn. I dislike Hayley because I don't like "y"s in the middle of names and its becoming dated.
    Pearl - Its simple, elegant, classy. Lacianna has too many frills
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    Raphaela -- Bethan is just really not my thing. Raphaela is pretty!
    Sophie -- Sophie is so pretty, but Claire has always been one of my least favourite names.
    Caitlin -- Lauren seems more dated to me.
    Emma -- Lucy isn't my thing.
    Julietta -- Beautiful! Maybelline is too much like the makeup brand.
    Molly -- Ella sounds a bit trendy to me.
    Sharon -- Both seem very dated, but Lesley is horrid imo.
    Helen -- I've never liked Ruth.
    Sally -- Always loved Sally!
    Jessica -- Generally don't like "Julie" names for girls
    Kathryn -- Don't like Danielle
    Sarah -- Kay is too short for my liking
    Sky -- Bliss seems a bit too stripperish to me.
    Georgia -- Just don't like Alissa.
    Saskia -- Prefer Natalia to Natalie
    Colette -- Just don't like Victorine.
    Nina -- Prefer Clara to Carla, sounds dated.
    Holly -- April sounds dated to me.
    Phoebe -- Always hated Lydia.
    Catharina -- Tuana reminds me of tuna.
    Grace -- Never liked Jocelyn.
    Emily -- Just don'tlike Laura.
    Eva -- Maisie isn't my thing.
    Autumn -- Just don't like Hayley.
    Pearl -- Lacianna sounds made up
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    Raphaela or Bethan- Raphaela: not a fan of Bethan, doesn't feel like a name to me.
    Claire or Sophie- Sophie: it is crazy popular, but it's got a nice feel to it.
    Lauren or Caitlin- Tie: Both solid, but not my favorites.
    Emma or Lucy- Emma: Lucille is nice, but I'm not such a fan of Lucy.
    Maybelline or Julietta- Julietta: Maybelline sounds too much like a brand name to me.
    Ella or Molly- Ella: perhaps overused, but a nice jazzy name.
    Sharon or Lesley- Lesley
    Helen or Ruth- Helen: strong sound to it.
    Sally or Alison- Alison
    Julia or Jessica- Julia: has both a modern and ancient vibe to it.
    Kathryn or Danielle- Kathryn: and I like this spelling the best
    Kay or Sarah- Sarah: Kay feels like just a letter.
    Bliss or Sky- Bliss: mostly because I've known a wonderful Bliss and two not as wonderful Sky's
    Georgia or Alissa- Alissa: Georgia sounds funny to me.
    Saskia or Natalie- Saskie: My favorite name on the list thus far.
    Colette or Victorine- Colette: I prefer Nicolette, but this is a nice name.
    Carla or Nina- Nina: Nina Simone is awesome.
    Holly or April- Holly
    Phoebe or Lydia- Phoebe
    Catharina or Tuana- Catharina
    Jocelyn or Grace- Jocelyn
    Laura or Emily- Laura
    Maisie or Eva- Maisie
    Autumn or Hayley- Autumn
    Lacianna or Pearl- Lacianna
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    Raphaela or Bethan - So much more distinctive and rich than Bethan, love the luscious, flowing sounds.
    Claire or Sophie - I just prefer the sound and connotations of Sophie, although that's purely a personal thing. Sophie seems to have more character.
    Lauren or Caitlin - Both are overused to me, but I know fewer Caitlins and I prefer the nicknames and look.
    Emma or Lucy - I like both, even though they are very popular where I live, but Emma feels less uber-trendy.
    Maybelline or Julietta - Maybelline is too tied to the make-up brand. Julietta is very frilly but lovely.
    Ella or Molly - I like both but Ella is very trendy. Molly feels more classic to me.
    Sharon or Lesley - Both very dated. I really, strongly dislike Sharon and Lesley seems a little more versatile.
    Helen or Ruth - Helen has a lovely, classical feel while Ruth is a bit blunt and stodgy.
    Sally or Alison - I like Sally as a nickname but for a full name I prefer Alison (nn Alice).
    Julia or Jessica - Both are lovely but Julia is fresher and more classic.
    Kathryn or Danielle - Although I far prefer Katherine, Catherine or Daniela. I like the nickname possibilities.
    Kay or Sarah - Sarah for a full name. Kay I like as a nn for Katherine/Kathryn.
    Bliss or Sky - Bliss is a nice middle but seems odd as a fn.
    Georgia or Alissa - Solid and classic.
    Saskia or Natalie - Really like both but Saskia is more interesting.
    Colette or Victorine - More substancial than Colette, which feels a bit flimsy.
    Carla or Nina - Just prefer the more feminine sound.
    Holly or April - Good connotations for me, and feels like a happy name.
    Phoebe or Lydia - A favourite of mine. Sweet, pretty and classic.
    Catharina or Tuana - Versatile and familiar but still exotic. Lots of nn potential.
    Jocelyn or Grace - Grace is lovely but tired.
    Laura or Emily - Overused but very pretty.
    Maisie or Eva - Beautiful classic that is more versatile and will age better than Maisie.
    Autumn or Hayley - Far more elegant and distinctive than Hayley, which will blend in with the rest of the -aley/ailey/ayleigh crowd.
    Lacianna or Pearl - Pearl is classy and simple, Lacianna is clumsy and a bit childish, and looks made-up.
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