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    19 year old name lover from England

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    Avia, Adelaide, Charlotte, Darcy, Evelyn, Emmeline, Isla, Maeve, Olivia & Rosalie
    Arthur, Alfred, Freddie, Gabriel, Grayson, Isaac, James, Jude, Jasper, Milo, Remus, Theo, Tate

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    First, roll the die to see where you live (
    4: Malibu

    LN: Price

    One spouse must have been divorced at least three times previously, giving them a large variety of earlier names.

    Spouse 1: James Samuel Price
    Spouse 2: Fiona Grace Damien Knox Parker Price

    Roll the dice ( to determine the gender of each child. Roll seven times initially. An odd number signifies a boy, and an even number signifies a girl. If you roll an 11 or 12, you have had twins; roll twice more to decide the genders of the twins.

    Namebank for first child/ren: Samuel Atticus Price

    Namebank for second child/ren: Nova Isabelle Price

    Namebank for third child/ren: Christian Lucas Price

    Namebank for fourth child/ren: Echo Hazel Price and Alexander "Alec" Nicolas Price

    Namebank for fifth child/ren: James Leon Price and Juniper "Junie" Sloane Price

    Namebank for sixth child/ren: Paisley Kate Price

    Namebank for seventh child/ren: Gabriel Beckett Price

    You also own a fluffy but rambunctious pet poodle who is just the right size to fit into your purse. Give it a name that is both unexpected and slightly cringeworthy. It's name is Daffodil

    List your family here:
    DH - James Samuel Price (46)
    DW - Fiona Grace Damien Knox Parker Price (42)
    DS - Samuel Atticus Price (17)
    DD - Nova Isabelle Price (15)
    DS - Christian Lucas Price (14)
    DD - Echo Hazel Price (12)
    DS - Alexander "Alec" Nicholas Price (12)
    DD - Juniper "Junie" Sloane Price (10)
    DS - James Leon Price (10)
    DD - Paisley Kate Price (4)
    DS - Gabriel Beckett Price (2)
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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