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    thoughts on these combos

    not currently pregnant, just was wondering what people thought of these boys combos

    James Whitney
    Malcolm Hayes
    Lindsey Aloysius
    Jasper Niall
    Morgan Escher
    Oliver Darcy
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    fave combos
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    James Whitney- I like James but not Whitney I just picture that on a girl only.
    Malcolm Hayes- This is my second favorite combo on your list.
    Lindsey Aloysius- I like Aloysius but not Lindsey again I think that is only for a girl, and opens him up for teasing.
    Jasper Niall- This is my favorite on your list.
    Morgan Escher- Not a fan of this.
    Oliver Darcy- I like Oliver but not Darcy.
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    James Whitney - I love James, and I like the idea of Whitney. It seems a little fussy on a boy, though. What about Whitman? Or what about James Lindsey?
    Malcolm Hayes - Love it.
    Lindsey Aloysius - I love Lindsey on a boy. Aloysius isn't my favorite, though. I was suggest something a little more grounding, since Lindsey is unisex.
    Jasper Niall - Love it.
    Morgan Escher - I like Morgan, but I'm not wild about Escher.
    Oliver Darcy - I don't care for either name to be honest.
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    Again, love Malcolm Hayes and Jasper Niall

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    James Whitney- Not a fan myself. James is boring to me, and Whitney I can only picture on a girl.
    Malcolm Hayes- Awesome combo. Malcolm is a great name, and Hayes works together with it really well.
    Lindsey Aloysius- I never knew that Lindsey used to be a boy's name. New info to me. It's too female for me, there are some used-to-be-boys named that I think could be cool (Cassidy, for example), but I don't like Lindsey for a boy.
    Jasper Niall- Wonderful name. Jasper is awesome. Niall is great. This is my favorite. Jasper Hayes could be cool too.
    Morgan Escher- I like it. Morgan is a solid choice, and Escher gives it an edge of creativity, which I like.
    Oliver Darcy- Oliver, I like a lot. Darcy, not so much. Darcy has some sort of 'dark' vibe to it for some reason that I don't like much.
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