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    Thoughts on Abla

    I've had the name Abla on my mind for a while. I noticed that it isn't in the Nameberry database, so a little explanation: according to Behind the Name, it's Arabic and means "full-figured". The 7th-century Arabic poet Antara dedicated much of his poetry to a woman named Abla. There's also a Somali-Yemeni model called Abla Ahmed Osman (I first encountered the name through her).

    So, what do you think of Abla? Like, love, loathe, can't decide?

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    I am not a fan, sorry. "A blah" is just what I hear, "I had a blah day at work".
    Unless it's pronounced like AY-bla, which appeals to me more.
    I love Alba, though, and honestly, I was hoping Abla wasa typo and that Alba would be found inside.
    I think the poetry connection of Abla is nice, but the sound as a whole isn't my cup of tea.
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    I agree with the above. I really like Alba but Abla doesn't work for me. I'm imagining it as Ab-lah. Perhaps if it was pronounced Ay-bla, but the spelling isn't appealing to me. Although some Arabic names are pretty neat!

    Doesn't matter what I think though. If you love it, go for it!
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    AB-la is how I'm pronouncing it (though if this is wrong in Arabic please correct me).

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    I'm not a fan. It feels unfinished to me and all it brings to mind is the surname Ablett. I much prefer the similar Alba.
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